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Interior Detail

We start at the top and finish at the bottom detailing every compartment on the way down. At Mildura Auto Detailing an interior detail includes vacuuming the whole interior including floor mats, seats and boot. That stubborn dog hair? Gone! Dusting, cleaning and conditioning of dashboard, console and internal trims. Carpet and seat cleaning, leather cleaning and conditioning treatment. All interior glass cleaned and left with no smears and streaks. Just like it left the showroom.

Exterior Detail

At Mildura Auto Detailing you don’t need to fear swirl marks in the clear coat. We will provide a thorough wash and ensure all break dust, road tar, bugs, you name it, are all removed. Rims and tires, wheel wells, door jams and windows are all cleaned in the process. Everything on the exterior of your vehicle is looked after. Finishing off with a protective wax to make your vehicle look new again. Be sure to ask about our ceramic paint protection!

Ceramic Paint Protection

Ceramic paint protection is not just a wax or sealant. It’s a permanent adhesion to your vehicles paint work making it the most durable paint protection available. At Mildura Auto Detailing we use Nanotechnology which blocks UV rays, repels water, repels stains, resists scratches and prevents corrosion. This effectively keeps your vehicle cleaner for longer, saving you time, effort and money. Now who doesn’t like to save money? Contact us today to arrange a quote for ceramic paint protection on your vehicle.


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Mildura Auto Detailing is the newest automotive detailing destination in Sunraysia. Offering a wide range car detailing services, paint protection and cosmetic repair for customers that love their car and are looking for the very best service. Mildura Auto Detailing provides a personal service using the finest quality products to transform your vehicle to a new level.

If your car is looking for a little bit of love, why would you take it to anyone else? Call Damien at Mildura Auto Detailing today.